Saregama Carvaan MusicBar Karaoke


  • Karaoke capabilities with 3 sound modes and 2 microphones.
  • Pre-loaded with 1000 evergreen Hindi songs and built-in FM.
  • Powerful 2.1 channel soundbar with a 6.5″ subwoofer for deep bass.
  • Four audio modes for different content types.
  • Multiple connectivity options: USB, AUX IN, HDMI ARC, Coaxial IN, and Bluetooth V5.
  • Comes with a remote control and features rat protection mesh on the subwoofer.
  • Offers 120W sound output for stereo surround sound.

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  • Karaoke Capability: Sing along to your favorite songs by connecting with a TV, tablet, or mobile device. It offers 3 Karaoke Sound Modes – Balanced, Vocal, and Music Mode.
  • Pre-Loaded Songs: Comes pre-loaded with 1000 evergreen Hindi songs. It also has a built-in FM feature.
  • Powerful Sound: Provides stereo surround sound and crystal clear balanced audio with a 120W sound output. It’s a 2.1 channel soundbar with 4 powerful speakers of 50W and a 70W wired subwoofer for enhanced deep bass.
  • Audio Modes: Offers four audio modes to enhance the viewing/listening experience, including Movie mode, Music mode, Vocal mode, and 3D mode for different content.
  • Connectivity: Easy connectivity options through USB, AUX IN, HDMI ARC, Coaxial IN, and Bluetooth V5 for wireless pairing with phones and tablets. It also includes a remote control.
  • Subwoofer: Features a massive 6.5″ subwoofer speaker driver with a protective mesh.
  • Karaoke Microphones: Includes 2 microphones for Karaoke.
  • Rat Protection: Includes a rat protection mesh for the subwoofer.
  • Output: Impedance of 8 ohms.
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Saregama Carvaan MusicBar Karaoke

Availability: 1 in stock

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